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Towards an effective Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy

Using MarketPoint Profiling as an aid to Web site design

There is an old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is as true of a Web site as it is for any other promotional medium. So itís important that businesses get it right and spend some time and a lot of thought getting it right.

Naturally it pays to seek advice to help ensure that when the Web page goes live the message that the business communicates to its viewers is the one that it wants them to receive. The one that presents the business in the best possible light, makes effective use of its competitive advantage and enhances its image rather than the opposite.

The Internet as a Marketing Tool

The Internet is global, its local and its growing fast and the combination of the World Wide Web and Email provided by the Internet can be an ideal hybrid marketing tool. A tool which can be used by anyone to advertise and promote their company, their products and services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, world-wide at low cost.

The Internet is a powerful, flexible and versatile means of communicating to a global audience. It continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and as it does the range of services that can be made available using the Internet grows rapidly too. Itís essential that the communication

process be managed effectively to gain the best advantage.

Web site and the MarketPoint concept

Forget about the technology for a moment. Set aside compression techniques, Hot Java and all the rest. What is important is the message first - then the means to deliver and present it.

So think about what it is the business is trying to achieve.

A Web site made up of a number of Web pages including pictures, graphics and sound, it may be designed to act as an:-

  • Advertisement - pointing out salient points/offers about one or more of your products.
  • Direct Mailer - introducing your company and its products and encouraging response.
  • Export Document - directing potential enquirers to overseas offices, distributors, agents.
  • Newsletter - routinely keeping your company in contact with its customers and contacts.
  • Salesperson - making sales and taking orders for goods and services.
It can be a Brochure or a Catalogue or a Press Release or a Technical Support link.

Your Web site is a powerful source for enquiry generation and for feedback research - views and comments. Feedback can be encouraged and formalised by the establishment of a Newsgroup encouraging sharing of information and learning.

All the above can be used individually or much better in combination to provide an Internet Marketing Platform or Internet MarketPoint which can be profiled to meet your exact marketing strategy requirements thus ensuring that the messages that you want to get to your target audience get there in the way that you want them to.

Producing a balanced, well profiled and effective MarketPoint requires an understanding of the markets in which your company operates, the marketing strategies available to you and the capability of the Web and its possibilities in aiding you to meet your ambitions.

Cost as a Design Factor.

The cost of production and publication on the Internet is relatively low - a 5 page Web site maintained and updated for 6 months by an Internet publisher will usually cost less than 1 full page colour advertisement in a trade journal.

The low cost of publishing on the Internet means that unlike traditional advertising and promotional media which reduces information to keep down costs, Web publishing allows the opposite - information expansion - there is the opportunity to say whatever you like. However as a result the Web site design, construction, layout and selection of material and their inter relationships has to be carefully considered in order to be effective.

The design, content and balance of elements (its profile) within the Internet Marketing Platform or MarketPoint and its consequent inherent quality (or lack of it) will contribute to the positive or negative perception that the consumer will obtain about your company.

It should be remembered that any course of action works best when it part of an overall strategy and thought should be given to how to use the Internet to best advantage.

MarketPoint profiling can help provide focus and direction to help ensure that your first and subsequent attempts at marketing via the Internet are of the highest standard and help make your viewer want to do business with you.

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