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There is an old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is as true of a website as it is for any other communication method. So itís important to get it right - JBA - imcore can help you to get it right.

To be effective a website should be designed well, it should download quickly and be easy to navigate. It should be interesting and it should communicate well. Ideally it should generate revenue.

  • - think of it as your own newspaper or TV channel - not simply as a brochure
  • - think of it as a library resource for your viewers
  • - think of it as market research tool for you
  • - think of it as an extra salesperson
There are a host of other possible uses - let us show you how it can be used effectively

Your website can be a really practical business tool - capable of† helping to get your messages across to your audiences, at the same time providing† practical support for them and encouraging† them to communicate with you - by feedback forms and of course by email.

But creating your website is just the beginning.

To be really effective as a practical business tool your website has to be integrated well into your corporate and marketing strategies for the growth and development of your business.

JBA - imcore are specialists in providing practical support in this area.

We are business research and marketing specialists. We...

  • provide a comprehensive service to business and the public sector.
  • specialise in researching and creating cost effective marketing strategies for business.
  • look outside at the market at its requirements and its opportunities and threats.
  • look inside the organisation at its marketing methods, at its products and services and how they are presented to customers.
  • identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • research competitors and
  • identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
How does this tie into the Internet and your world wide website?

Well, we combine our expertise and knowledge of the way that the Internet can be used for business with our pedigree in practical business support† built upon years of experience working with businesses both large and small - to provide a tailor made service for you.

We have prepared a series of† FREE Fact Sheets which cover all the major uses of the Internet - if you would like copies then tick 1 or more boxes

Internet SnapShot services† -† where does the Internet fit in - in your marketplace?
Website Tender Specifications - get it right - right at the start
Website Audit & Analysis - check your website is working as well as it should
MarketPoint Profiling (MPP) - build upon your marketing and corporate strategies
Website Copy Writing - make sure that your website does what you want it to do
Ecommerce - generate revenue almost from Day 1
Internet Intelligence Service - make sure you know whatís happening out there
Internet On-line marketing make sure that people find your website - on-line
Internet Off-line marketing make sure that people find your website - off-line
Marketing to the Media make sure the media help people find your website
Integrate the Internet - get it working for you - inside your business
Internet Impact studies make the best of the opportunities the Internet provides
Market Research Services - itís the biggest library in the world - use it
Internet Technology Implication Studies - build the Internet into your business
Internet Management Coaching and Mentoring - really understand how it works
Support Programmes
Awareness and Benefit Briefings
Training Seminars
Implementation Action Planning Workshops

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